2017 SCAD's 49th Biennial Conference Vlog

2017 SCAD Conference Vlog from Conference Chair Ronald Howell

Registeration and Information 

Hello everybody! My name is Ronald Howell and I am the chairperson for the SC Association of the Deaf (SCAD) 49th Biennial Conference. Where? In Rock Hill. On August 4 – 5, 2017. Our conference committee came up with great ideas. Our theme is “Make Every Connection Matter”. We have about seven agencies and organizations that will give a presentation about the services they provide on Friday and Saturday. We will have a great workshop presenter Dr. Alton Brant (AB). He will present his workshop “Tomorrow, What?” on Friday afternoon. We look forward to his workshop! On Saturday, there will be a meeting, election of new officers, and the Awards Banquet. The NAD President, Melissa Draganac-Hawk, will be our Saturday Night Keynote speaker. She is a great speaker! We would like you all to come! You can find the conference flyer at SCAD’s website. Go to http://scadservices.org/conferences Click on that and you will see all of the event’s information. Please come to our conference! See you there! Thank you!                          See link to registration and information above